Formula SAE ETS

October 2014

Isabelle Letarte, Thu 06 Nov 2014

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September 2014

Isabelle Letarte, Wed 15 Oct 2014

At the ETS Formula, back to school also means recruitment time. In 2014, our team had a number of twenty members; therefore we are constantly searching for new faces with creative ideas to enhance our 2015 project.

This publicity was displayed in the hallways of ETS.

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Mid season 2014

Nicolas Parent, Mon 07 Jul 2014

As you already know, the Formula ETS – Powered by Vidéotron is back from its first competitions, FSAE Michigan, from May 16 to 18 and Formula North in Ontario from May 23 to 25.  Both those competitions gave the opportunity to the Formula ETS to put the new vehicle, the AXFF-14, to the test.     

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Formula North 2014 - Day 4

Nicolas Parent, Wed 28 May 2014

It’s on a beautiful day that all the teams would compete in the last event of the competition. The Formula ETS would only start its endurance run in the afternoon which left time to prepare a good meal.

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Formula North 2014 - Day 3

Nicolas Parent, Sun 25 May 2014

First day of the dynamic events on this Saturday morning. Don’t forget to fill the AXFF-14’s fuel tank before starting the day!

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Formula North 2014 - Day 2

Nicolas Parent, Sat 24 May 2014

On this Static events day, the Formula ETS team arrived first thing in the morning at the Barrie Molson Centre to prepare for “Design”.

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Formula North 2014 - Day 1

Nicolas Parent, Fri 23 May 2014


After last week’s FSAE Michigan, with its ups and downs, the Formula ETS team didn’t want to be caught short by the next competition. With invitations from the University of Toledo and of Western Ontario, a team of 5 people went to test the car with them on Monday and Tuesday.

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Upcoming events


  • FSAE Michigan 14/5/2014 00:00
  • Formula North 22/5/2014 00:00
  • Formula Student Germany 29/7/2014 00:00

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