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April 2014 : The last strech

Jean-Philippe Breton, Wed 16 Apr 2014

The snow is slowly melting, the air is getting warmer and the racecar is starting to look like a racecar.

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November 2013 : Back to reality

Jean-Philippe Breton, Mon 11 Nov 2013

The return to our usual routine is always difficult after the competitions, but this year the team had no time to waste. We started off the season with a 2013 recap meeting and then with a brainstorming meeting for the 2014 car. With this second meeting, we were able define the major goals and guidelines of our new car.

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FSG : In short

Jean-Philippe Breton, Wed 07 Aug 2013

Now here's the summary of the 2013 Formula Student Germany competition.

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FSG Day 5

Jean-Philippe Breton, Sun 04 Aug 2013

Today is a very important day; acceleration, autocross and the design finals.

We decide to use a safe technique and send our first driver as soon as we had the sun coming through the clouds and wait for our second driver to have more rubber on the track and a hotter tarmac.  

The strategy seemed to work since we have the fastest single-cylinder time.  

Then it was time for the autocross, the team prepared the car will the pilots were walking the track.  

During our outing we managed the best time in autocross, but later on some teams managed to get better times.  Still we managed to get a very good position and we're going to run pretty late during the evening for the endurance.  

We are sorry for the lack of pictures, but they will be uploaded soon.  


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FSG : Day 4

Jean-Philippe Breton, Sat 03 Aug 2013

Today there’s a lot of events: Business Presentation, Cost, Design and Wetpad (wet Skidpad).  We started this stressfull day with the design. 

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FSG : Day 3

Jean-Philippe Breton, Fri 02 Aug 2013

As promise here’s a tour of the FSG 2013 paddocks, but before a quick bit about our day at the Hockenheimring 

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FSG : Day 2

Jean-Philippe Breton, Thu 01 Aug 2013

Today is the first big test for all the teams here at Formula Student Germany, the technical inspection.  During this inspection all the rules are check as well as some security points in order to give the car a right to be driven on the track. 

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